Los Iniciados
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Los Iniciados

The Initiated (2023)

Trạng thái: HD Vietsub

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Quốc gia:Colombia

Đạo diễn:Juan Felipe Orozco

Diễn viên:Andrés ParraAria JaraFrancisco DenisJefferson QuiñonesJorge CaoJosé RestrepoJuan Pablo UrregoJulio PachónSilvia Varón SantamaríaVictoria Hernández

Thể loại: Bí Ẩn, Hình Sự

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Los Iniciados 2023, The Initiated HD Vietsub

Title: Los Iniciados – The Initiated

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Release Year: 2023

Los Iniciados – The Initiated is an intense and suspenseful thriller that takes the audience on a mind-bending journey into the mysterious world of secret societies. Set in a modern-day metropolis, the film follows the life of Daniel Gomez, an ordinary man who unwittingly becomes entangled in a dark underworld that challenges his perception of reality.

Daniel, a successful architect, leads a seemingly perfect life with his wife and young son. However, his world is turned upside down when he receives an invitation to join an exclusive secret society known as Los Iniciados (The Initiated). Intrigued by the promise of power, wealth, and hidden knowledge, Daniel reluctantly accepts the invitation, unaware of the dangerous consequences that lie ahead.

As Daniel delves deeper into the clandestine organization, he discovers a series of cryptic challenges and rituals designed to test his loyalty and determination. Alongside a diverse group of fellow initiates, he uncovers a hidden network of corruption, betrayal, and violence that runs deep within the core of society.

Guided by a charismatic leader, Ana Maria, Daniel must navigate a treacherous web of secret alliances, deception, and deadly games. As he starts to question the true purpose of Los Iniciados, he realizes that escaping its clutches may cost him everything he holds dear.

Driven by paranoia and desperation, Daniel is forced to confront his own darkest secrets as he fights for survival. Along the way, he discovers unlikely allies and unearths shocking revelations that threaten to unravel the very fabric of society.

With each twist and turn, Los Iniciados – The

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